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Sunair Warranty
ON THE SUNAIR® Retractable Awning Model

Ten Year Warranty
2014 Limited Warranty
Effective January 1, 2014


CONGRATULATIONS on your new purchase! We would like to thank you for choosing SUNAIR® for your shading needs. You will find that your new awning or screen will give you many years of satisfactory service. Proudly manufactured in the USA, your awning and screen frame is covered by the following limited warranty.

15 year Limited Frame Warranty: Models: Sunair® & Suntube®
8 year Limited Frame Warranty: Model: Sunstar®
5 year Limited Frame Warranty: Models: Sunchoice®, Maxi, Combi, Pergola®, Solharo®, PatioVariette® , Mastershade® (screens), Canopies, and Outriggers.

SUNAIR® (Awnings Unlimited Inc.) warrants the above specified "Frames" for a period of either five (5) to fifteen (15) years from the date of original purchase (See above designated warranty period for each system type). The paint/ finish on all models is warranted for five (5) years from original purchase. The motors and electronics are warranted for five (5) years from original purchase by the manufacturers of these products. Acrylic and vinyl fabrics are warranted for five (5) to ten (10) years by the manufacturer of these fabrics (Depending on type of fabric). See separate manufacturer's limited warranties for fabric, motors, and electronics.

Under this limited warranty, SUNAIR® warrants to the original purchaser "customer" but not a third party that the frame be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal and proper use during the warranty period. Under this warranty, SUNAIR® agrees to repair at our facility or replace free (at our option) any aluminum hardware or component part, not including labor costs and any "in the field" labor related to the repair, freight (to and from). Any defect must be reported within the warranty period listed above and approved by SUNAIR®. Any item replaced under warranty does not extend the warranty period.

Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty (See product specific and additional warranty exclusions and care and maintenance instructions below). SUNAIR® assumes no liability for damage due to faulty installation, reinstallation, service, altered parts, failure to adhere to pitch requirements as set forth in the OEM / SUNAIR® installation manuals, use or misuse for which the product was not intended or improper maintenance and cleaning, whether routine or otherwise. SUNAIR® is not liable for damage to any structure to which the product is attached, or to property above or near the product. This warranty does not cover any damage to the product or structure caused by nature such as acts of God, ice, snow, rain, high winds, gales, hurricanes, tornadoes, vandalism, neglect, fire, use of which the equipment is not intended, weights or loads allowed to accumulate, dents, scratches, weather soiling/stains from environmental pollution, degeneration due to saltwater corrosion, or normal wear and tear from use. This warranty is in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. SUNAIR® will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, or injuries arising from an alleged breach of this limited warranty. This warranty gives specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that may vary from state to state. Purchaser shall defend, indemnify, and hold SUNAIR®, Awnings Unlimited Inc, or SUNAIR® WEST harmless against all claims, suits, proceedings, losses, liabilities, and damages (Including costs expenses and reasonable attorney's fees) asserted by third parties against the Purchaser which arise out of any act or omission that constitutes a breach of purchasers warranty hereunder. Should a dispute arise under this warranty, it will be governed by the laws of the state of Maryland, and any action to enforce this warranty must be initiated in Howard County, Maryland. This warranty is null and void if the system is sold, serviced or repaired by an unauthorized dealer or service outlet. Further, this warranty is null if product is not fully paid for in a timely manner according to payment terms, or proof of purchase cannot be provided (ie. Invoice or receipt from an authorized SUNAIR® dealer).


SOLHARO®: The cable / Hi-tec rope is warranted for 2 years from original installation. The cables and tension rollers will require annual inspection and lubrication.

PERGOLA®: The stainless cables are warranted for 2 years from original installation. The cables and tension rollers will require annual inspection and lubrication.

ZIPPER SCREEN SYSTEMS: If unit is motorized, monitor the screen during operation. If screen has windows, do not operate if temperature is below 45 degrees. Units with solid fabric and windows will require periodic inspections by the owner to make sure the fabric and zipper do not stick. The windows may cloud up or become foggy over time within the warranty period or prior to the rest of the fabric becoming unserviceable. The clear windows are not covered under this warranty. Do not allow the fabric to stay rolled up for long periods of time without airing them out. If rolled up wet, allow the fabric to dry out as soon as possible. Wind damage is not covered under this warranty. Wind can also pull the zipper out of the track. If so, it will need to be re-inserted, which is not covered by this warranty. See separate service instructions for the SC3500, 4000, and 4500 exterior zipper screen systems

OUTRIGGERS: Units equipped with the optional outrigger post system will withstand normal inclement weather conditions. A required 3" per foot of projection is necessary for proper water drainage and the fabric has to be taught using the locking pins. This optional system is not designed for severe weather or snow accumulation.

Be mindful that all SUNAIR® products are designed primarily for sun protection. Your retractable awning or screen should be in retracted position when you are not on the premises. The product should not be extended during high winds, snow or rainstorms as damage to the awning and building can occur. Even light rain can accumulate and damage the frame and fabric, especially when the awning is installed on a shallow pitch. Sun and wind controls only offer extra protection and is not a guarantee against damage. Systems fitted with sun and wind sensors that are damaged by wind are not covered under this warranty.

Some units require a "center support" to cradle the roller tube. The center support may discolor the fabric over time. This is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by the warranty. Make sure the fabric always rolls from the top of the roller tube as not to get damaged by the center support. Allowing the fabric to roll completely off the roller tube and back up underneath, will tear the fabric.

If installation is near salt water, please wash the awning at least once a month with fresh water and spray all moving parts with silicone. Proper care should be taken to prevent over spraying of silicone on the fabric.

Motors do not require any maintenance. The motor is installed inside the roller tube. Should the motor get out of adjustment, do not re-set the motor limit switches yourself, notify your SUNAIR® awning dealer.

Retractable lateral Arm Awnings and drop arm awnings have spring-loaded arms. To prevent injury, do not attempt to fix these awnings (Call your authorized SUNAIR® dealer).

Proper care and maintenance is important if the maximum life of the product is desired. Routine care is simple but certain recommended procedures should be followed. For extended storage periods, make sure your awning is dry and free of debris before retracting to prevent possible mildew. If the awning is retracted while the fabric is wet, extend the awning out after the rain to dry. Remove bird's nests from the frames as the birds can destroy the fabric. The valance can be removed and stored separately. Unscrew one front bar end cap, loosen fabric locks on both ends and slide valance out. Acrylic fabric should be cleaned regularly with a soft brush before substances such as dirt and roof particles become imbedded in the fabric. Most fabrics used today can be cleaned with mild detergent. You must check with your dealer for separate care and cleaning instructions for your fabric.

Returns for repairs or replacement: No returns will be accepted without prior written authorization by SUNAIR®. A Return Authorization number issued by SUNAIR must accompany all returns, and all unauthorized returns will be refused. The return shipment is to be freight prepaid by the buyer, and under no circumstances shall the buyer deduct the value of the returned merchandise or the freight from any remittance due.


To receive warranty service, contact the Sunair dealer from whom the system was purchased.