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Sunair Awnings
• Highest quality Lateral Arm Awning
• Forged aluminum elbow and shoulder components
• Double stainless cable arm design
• 4:1 / 8:1 Bevel gear for most efficient operation
• Aluminum support and roller tube
• Powder coated components and extrusions
• Optional one-piece hood system.
• A stop in the gear to prevent the fabric from over rolling
• Stainless steel fasteners
• Hood with designer look
• Hood with integrated drainage channel
OPTIONAL: "Valence plus" roll down valence
OPTIONAL: XP Cross-Over arms for extended projection
XXXXXXXXXX Sunair Awnings
15 Year Limited Frame Warranty

The Sunair® retractable patio awning model is the matriarch of our retractable awning line. This product has evolved over the years as a top of the line awning product on the market using only the finest materials, with extremely attractive styling. The Sunair® model also comes with a lot of options not normally associated with the average awning system. Please see below the features and options.

Awning Style Type Standard Frame Colors Standard Widths Standard Projections Recommended Application Recommended Fabrics
Sunair Lateral Arm Awning White, Ivory, Mocha, Brown, Grey, Taupe, Forest Green, Black, Brown, Bronze Through 35' / 40' Possible 4'2" 5'7" 6'11" 8'7" 10'2" 11'6" 13'0" 14'0" Deck, Patio, or Storefront Para, Sunbrella, Sattler, & Dickson

Comparison Versus the Competition

Sunair®: All arm parts under stress are made of forged aluminum, including the the shoulder, elbow and arm components. All arms 8'7" and above use three heavy duty steel springs.
Competition: Typically the competition uses all die-cast or extruded aluminum arm parts. The competition typically uses one or two springs to save on cost.
Benefit: Forged aluminum arm components are stronger than traditional die castings or extrusions resulting in a stronger awning that will hold up to the elements. Three heavy duty steel springs provide better arm tension and longer arm life.

XXXXXXXXXX Flexibility
Sunair®: Sunair® uses only the strongest materials yet is engineered for flexibility with a unique two-way movable front arm attachment.
Competition: Most systems use a single front pin that only moves in one direction.
Benefit: Our unique two-way movable front arm attachment relieves strain and increases flexibility and strength in the arm, which reduces damage.

Sunair®: The Sunair® uses twin high quality stainless aircraft cable. The hinge is triple angled with an elliptical cable radius.
Competition: Typically the competition uses a single smaller cable. Most systems do not have this angle and the fabric rubs on the arms.
Benefit: Twin cables are far superior to a single cable, as cable wear is reduced, allowing better arm and fabric tension. The elliptical cable radius increases tension as the awning extends, and relaxes the cable as the awning is fully retracted. The angles help keep the fabric from dragging on the arms.

Sunair®: Hundreds of 100% acrylic premium grade solid and striped fabric colors to choose from. You surely will find a fabric to suit your need and taste.
Competition: Sometimes the competition uses vinyl or a non-acrylic fabric. Some companies use poor quality lighter thickness acrylic fabrics.
Benefit: Acrylic fabric is more attractive and breathes better than vinyl. Vinyl traps heat and will crack over time. Acrylic fiber is also resistant to fading and mildew and has a water repellant Teflon coating.

XXXXXXXXXX Profiles and Paint
Sunair®: All extrusions and components are exclusively made of the highest quality aluminum. The parts are first chromate-treated, and then electro-statically powder coated.
Competition: The competition often mixes aluminum and steel profiles to save on cost. Many competitors also say that they powder coat the components, but they actually wet-lacquer the extrusions to save on cost. Few chromate-treat the parts.
Benefit: Aluminum extrusions are strong, yet will not corrode over time like steel. This equates to a longer lasting awning. Chromating gives better powder adhesion, holds up better against the elements, and resists cracking and peeling.

Sunair®: Sunair® uses a heavy-duty German 4:1 ratio bevel gear with a stop. A 13:1 gear is used on larger widths.
Competition: The competition often uses inferior quality 7:1 gears without a stop.
Benefit: The 4:1 gear is the most efficient gear ever made. This gear minimizes the time and effort needed in operating a manual awning. The stop eliminates fabric damage due to over-rolling.

Sunair®: All fabrics are sewn with Tenara® thread. This thread is manufactured from GORE-Tex, and is clear and nearly invisible.
Competition: The compeition typically uses a synthetic thread. Often they will cut corners and use only a white thread which is very visible on the fabric.
Benefit: Tenara® thread is made of teflon an will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. The clear thread is nearly invisible on most fabric colors.

Sunair®: TUV type tested for quality assurance.
Competition: Very few awning systems have passed the American TUV test.
Benefit: With TUV approval, you can be assured that you have bought a quality awning. It has been type tested for quality assurance.

Sunair® Options


Motorizing your awning makes it easy to operate.

The SOMFY RTS motor features an integrated radio receiver that allows you to operate the awning by remote. With the plug-in cord, you can eliminate the electrician and plug the motor into an exterior outlet. This motor can be hard wired as well by cutting off the plug at the end of the cord.

XXXXXXXXXX Somfy motors are also available as a traditional hardwire system and a normal toggle switch can be installed inside on the wall. With a simple flick of a switch either on the wall or with a remote, the awning will extend or retract automatically.

SOMFY offers two Sun and Wind systems. These sensors either retract or extend your awning when sunny, or help protect it from damaging wind.

The Battery operated Eolis Wirefree motion sensor can be used if you only require wind control. Add a Sunis sun sensor for sun control. These controls are battery operated and do not require an electrician.

XXXXXXXXXX Nine Standard Frame Colors.

The Sunair® model is available in nine standard powder-coat frame colors, the most in the industry. Over 200 custom "Ral" frame colors are available by special order.

XXXXXXXXXX Hundreds of fabric colors.

Sunair® offers hundreds of 100% acrylic fabric colors from the leading national fabric weavers like Tempotest by Para, and Sunbrella and Dickson by Glen Raven Mills.

Fabric Covers: Every sewn fabric cover from Sunair® is cut and sewn using state of the art computer-aided machines, assuring a better fit and performance of the fabric on the awning frame.

Aluminum Hood.

Sunair® offers an aluminum one piece hood, made from the highest quality aluminum. The hood protects the fabric when the awning is in retracted position. Some manufacturers use a plastic hood, or a simple fabric flap that is supposed to cover the fabric. With the aluminum hood, your awning is always automatically covered when you retract it. You do not need to get on a ladder and reach up to cover the awning as you do with the fabric flap.

XXXXXXXXXX Valance Plus.

The valance plus is an optional roll-down valance for the front of the awning. Available either as a geared or motorized unit, the Valance Plus is great for extra shade on South & Western exposures when the sun is low on the horizon.

You can choose an acrylic or mesh fabric for the Valance Plus. Acrylic fabric blocks most of the Sun, but all of the view, while a mesh fabric still blocks much of the UV and visible Sunlight, but allows view and ventilation. Darker mesh fabrics will block the sun, and also maintain some view through the fabric. Ask your SunairĀ® dealer if this product is right for you.

XXXXXXXXXX Sunair XP Crossover Arms.

Sometimes the area on the wall to mount the awning is very narrow, but a larger projection is desired. Therefore, the Sunair XP with crossover arms offers the ability to overlap the arms in order to fit larger pojection arms onto a narrow frame. this cross-arm version is available when projection exceeds the width.

Example: The awning shown here is 11' wide by a 13' projection.