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Solharo Sunroom Shade
Solharo Arch Solharo Arch Solharo Arch Solharo Arch Solharo

Solharo Arch
Solharo Arch
Vertical rolling fabric screens
Vertical rolling fabric screens on the side are used in combination with the SOLHARO® mounted above the sunroom above.
The SOLHARO® conservatory awning offers the ideal solution for solar protection by controlling the temperature in your sun room or conservatory. The fabric blocks the sun before it enters your home which can significantly reduce the indoor temperature, lowering cooling costs. The SOLHARO® also prevents fading of your furniture, curtains, and wallpaper.

The SOLHARO® is ideal for residential as well as commercial establishments and is operated by a simple flick of a switch. An integrated tubular motor raises and lowers the SOLHARO® automatically.

Solharo Arch Solharo Arch Solharo Arch
Solar protection for glass Conservatories and for Sun Rooms

The SOLHARO® is a better solution to internal shades on the inside of the room. The fabric is elevated 5" - 7" off the glass surface, depending on the type of bracket which is used. The circulation of air under the fabric cover helps keep the glass area cool. Choose an Acrylic stripe or solid fabric from our exclusive PARA fabric collection. You may also choose a Soltis 86 mesh fabric for more light penetration and water drainage.

The SOLHARO® is motorized with a tubular motor from SOMFY. With the flick of a switch the SOLHARO® will extend and retract. Add automatic sun and wind controls and the awning will extend and retract automatically with the elements.

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