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Pergola 1000
Pergola 1000 Pergola 1000 Pergola 1000 Pergola 1000 The Pergola® 1000 model is a motorized awning system meant for larger areas such as restaurants and cafés, or large residential decks or patios. The maximum width per awning section is 16 ft. The maximum projection per awning section is 20 ft. Larger areas can be covered by coupling units together and mounting the sections back to back (see above). A guttering system avoids water leaking between the systems. Pergola 1000 Pergola 1000 The Pergola® 1000 comes motorized with a tubular motor from SOMFY. With the flick of a button the Pergola® will extend and retract automatically. Pergola 1000 Pergola 1000

Pergola® offers the convenience of a retractable pergola awning, yet the comfort and durability of a stationary pergola awning. Now you can utilize your patio area during fierce mid-day sun and inclement weather. The Pergola® is great for large restaurant and residential patio areas. Larger areas can be covered by coupling units together.

  • Protects against sun, rain, and inclement weather
  • Keeps deck and patio cool
  • Can cover small to large patio areas
  • Great for Restaurant dining areas
  • Motorization standard
  • Hundreds of fabric colors to choose from
  • Seven standard frame colors
  • Custom frame colors available
Awning Style Type Standard Frame Colors Standard Widths Standard Projections Recommend Application Recommend Fabrics to Use
Pergola 1000 Large Patio System White, Ivory, Black, Mocha, Brown, Bronze, Grey, Taupe, Forest Green Through 16 ' per section 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20' Restaurants, Large Residential Patios Para, Sunbrella, Dickson, & Weblon/CP


The Pergola® 1000 terrace awning is designed for restaurants, cafes, and large residential terraces. The PERGOLA® 1000 system is permanent sun-shading pergola awning system with a retractable fabric. The Pergola® opens and closes by means of a tubular motor. A spring/cable system built into the profiles ensures that the fabric is always sufficiently taut, both when moving as well as stationary. With sufficient angle or slope on the fabric (15 degrees or 3/12 pitch), the awning can also be used as protection against moderate rainfall. Multiple units can be added together for wider widths.

The Fabric (Two types of fabric are used)

Acrylic fabric such as Para, Sunbrella, and Dickson is available. The fabric resists mold and rotting, with water-resistant and dirt repelling qualities. It is available in a variety of colors (solids and stripes). Sunbrella Firesist & Sunbrella Plus is also available as an upgrade. Vinyl fabric such as Weblon Coastline plus is available. This vinyl laminated fabric Offers water resistance and is certified for flame resistance. The fabric is available in solids and stripes, and seams are heat sealed rather than sewn.

The Side Guides

The side guide extrusions are manufactured from thick-walled powder coated extruded aluminum. The awning can therefore be manufactured with projections of up to 6 meters or 20 ft.

The Box

The fabric is concealed in an aluminum box. The measurements of the box are 225 x 285mm. The box is closed all around and provides complete protection for the fabric. Attachment to the wall is provided by two brackets at each end of the box cassette. The brackets are hinged, and the box can be installed at any angle as required. The maximal width of each section or box is 16 ft.

Cable and Spring

To extend the fabric, the system uses a rustproof 2.5mm cable with sufficient pulling power. The cable has no points of friction whatsoever and runs over nylon wheels. The heavy duty spring provides permanent tautness for the fabric. The spring is concealed within the front bar. With large fabric surface areas, two springs can be used to ensure the tautness of the fabric.


The Pergola® 1000 is operated by a 110v tubular electric motor. Somfy motors and controls are used. A 660 or 680R2 Standard or RTS Somfy motor is used as needed. CMO motor is not available.

Guttering Profile

To avoid water leakage between sections, a supplementary guttering profile can be added on the underside of the side guide profiles (See sketch below). The central guttering has a width of 320mm and protruding edges of 20mm.

Pergola 1000
Pergola 1000


Pergola 1000
H = Height at wall
h = Height of posts
D = Roll able fabric length (Max 24 ft.)
U = Projection as measured straight out from wall
G = Height under front bar

NOTE: Provide angle of slope The actual projection ordered and supplied is the actual slope of the awning


Pergola 1000
  1. Box cover
  2. Nylon cable pulley
  3. Roller tube
  4. Cap 78mm
  5. Nylon bearing support
  6. Steel bearing support
  7. Fastening bracket side frame
  8. Shank for fastening bracket
  9. Side frame right
  10. Closing cover carriage end cap
  11. Holding support guide
  12. Cover plate for guide
  13. Guide profile
  14. Cable guide with fork
  15. Steel spring
  16. End profile
  17. Box fixed part
  18. Motor drive
  19. Motor
  20. Box reinforcement fix & cover
  21. Motor crown
  22. Motor Bracket
  23. PVC Spring covering profile
  24. Covering for end profile
  25. Cable guide upper side
  26. Strip Bearing
  27. Carriage wheel
  28. Carriage end profile
  29. Cable wheel carriage end profile
  30. Cover of carriage end profile
  31. N/A
  32. N/A
  33. Covering plate for turn over wheel
  34. Fast strip-bearing cap
  35. Intermediate roll
  36. Bearing roll
  37. Bearing plate
  38. Bend side guide (internal)
  39. Bend wheel small
  40. Bend wheel big
  41. Bend side guide (external)
  42. Floor mounting support
  43. Side frame left